Does packing for a vacation or weekend stress you out, take entire too long or happen last minute and when you arrive at your destination your disappointed that you don’t really have anything to wear?  That’s because you’re doing it all wrong.  Planning what to wear Labor Day weekend is no different than if you were going to Bonaire for Christmas, which a certain someone will be.  Here are my tips to prep for your holiday and vacations so you have plenty of options to wear Labor Day weekend:

  1. Plan.  Not just when you are going and how you are going to get there, take into account the weather as well as all the activities you plan to do.  This will help you get an idea of what kinds of clothes you should bring.
  2. Pick a theme but stay true to your style.  This isn’t Halloween, but it helps to stick to a theme whether with colors or the overall vibe that resonates with your personal style.  Not only will you avoid buying clothes that strictly work just for vacation, but it will make your vacation capsule wardrobe more cohesive.
  3. Choose garments that fit your needs.  Though this seems like a no brainer the biggest reason people over pack or under pack is because they don’t really take into account which clothes will work for which activities.  Be sure your clothes are comfortable and multi-functional.

The to having several outfit options to wear Labor Day weekend with very few items of clothing is picking clothes that can mix and match easily while working for all the activities on your list.  See my vacation essentials for an idea of what a capsule wardrobe looks like.

Comment below and tell me: what did you do and wear Labor Day weekend?

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