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Now it’s time for my STYLE Q&A:

This month’s question came from a client during her wardrobe detox consultation.  As we were about halfway through her wardrobe, I could see the discouragement on her face about how much clothing she was going to part with, as she looked at the purge pile she asked, “What if I just keep some of my clothes that are a bit too small for me as motivation to lose weight?

So many women today struggle with their body image and its no wonder with all the seemingly flawless women we see in magazines and social media. As we age our bodies change from a variety of factors but our mindset is usually the same, we don’t like how we look.  Some people fight this by trying to stuff themselves into clothes they know are too small, others by hiding under baggy clothes or dark colors.  Instead trying to deny the truth, the key to having great style is acceptance.  

Not only is it important for you to learn to accept your body as it is, but your lifestyle as well.   The reason that it is necessary to purge your closet of clothes that don’t fit you, whether your body or lifestyle, is that they only serve as a reminder of where you were, but not where you are going.  Instead of trying to relive the past you need to embrace your future by accepting that you don’t look like you once did, but that doesn’t mean you can’t feel just as good about yourself.  There is no need to wait until you reach your ideal weight to look and feel good!  By getting rid of the old, ill-fitting, boring clothes, you are taking a step towards your future and to a more stylish, confident, and happy you!

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