In a recent attempt to distract myself from the chaos of life I stumbled upon Lady Gaga’s documentary on Netflix. To be honest I’m not a Gaga-stan but I definitely do enjoy her music, so I watched. And there was something that she said that has been playing over and over in my head much like a song you’ve become addicted to. Or in this case a new personal mantra. She said something along the lines of “I used to think I wasn’t this or that but ya know why not, why not me?”

We’ve all been there. Scrolling through Instagram, Facebook, or whatever your social poison, thinking I wish I could do/be/think that. I certainly have. And as I’ve gotten older the old cliche of “you’re the only one standing in your way” has rung more and more true. So many times I find not only are we standing in the doorway but leaning against closed doors that are trying to open us to a new opportunity. Holding on to self created fears and assumptions about so many things. Clutching to the point that we’ve become too paralyzed to move. But this season I’m declaring why not me!

All my life I’ve been saying why can’t that be me?  And I’ve come to the realization that more often it’s because of my perception of how others view me. That if I move out of my way all those things I crave to be can truly be me. I can be that girl. Maybe not right this moment, but eventually that can be me. So for me this fall I’m saying why not me? Why not be the girl who rocks a satin skirt with slits or a fuzzy jacket. Why not a bold lip or smokey eyes. Why not be happy? Seriously WHY THE HELL NOT? And I hope that you also find yourself asking why not too. Whether it’s as simple as an outlandish dress or as big as a trip across the ocean. If that’s what you want to do/be/think then why not? As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else in the process of course!

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Photos by Jordan Bowens

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