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Welcome back lovies! I have something to confess.  I’ll be honest, until this post this little number was just gathering dust in my closet and it wasn’t because of the weather.

I actually love this Lulu’s Romper, the problem is that it was just not made for my body, but I have been having the hardest time accepting this fact.  As I’ve mentioned numerous times in any post with a jumpsuit, like my Banana Republic jumpsuit, onsies in general are not made with pear-shapes in mind.  This holds especially true for rompers, more so if you’ve got some junk in the trunk like myself.

For those of us who are gifted with round bottoms, finding bottoms can be a real challenge, especially in the mini variety.  Before I put this up for sale I wanted to style it one last time and pretend that maybe, just maybe it could fit my frame, but every time I bent over the romper begged to differ.  So sadly I have decided to put it up for sale on Poshmark.

The point is that sometimes you may love an item but it’s just not meant to be and you have to be okay with that.  You have to admire the piece for what it is but decide it no longer has a place in your wardrobe.  It’s a harsh reality, but we are better off letting go of unneeded items.  If you need help decided what items should go check out my wardrobe consultation service!  Otherwise keep scrolling for outfit details.

Comment below and tell me: Why do you find it so hard to get rid of clothes you know don’t work for you?

lulus romper details

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lulus romper outfit

All Photos by Matthew Robinson

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See how else I styled this romper in my video below!

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