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One of the perks of my new job is that I get to work from home one day a week.   For some that may not seem like much, but for me it’s a much needed change of pace.  Usually I try to make that day Friday.  Instead of staying in my PJ’s, I switch to a pair of cozy jeans and a top to take on my tasks from home.  This extra day at home played a huge role not only in my apartment hunting process, but in my loft decor as well.  For me it was important that my new space be multi-functional for my 9-5, blog needs and personal life.

Some of you may have noticed that around the time I moved into my loft was also when I started talking more about building a mindful wardrobe on the blog.  That’s because my move from Canton to Royal Oak really opened my eyes to being a more thoughtful consumer.  And my struggle to re-sell not only clothes but old items from other apartment.  Though to me my place is still very much unfinished, I have re-purposed much of my old apartment in my current loft decor.  Instead of throwing out my couch then having to rush to buy the navy sectional I’ve been lusting after at Pottery Barn, which is ridiculously overpriced might I add, I have been hunting for certain pieces then waiting until they hit the right price.  Not only can this process help you save money, but make you more critical of your spending.

In our consumer crazy society it’s important to take a step back and really question if what you’re buying is adding value to your life.  We work hard for our money So I urge you to really think about how each purchase improves your day to day activities.  I’m not saying everything you buy has to have some super deep meaning, but things that you spend your money on should serve a purpose.  Sometimes it’s a mug that reminds you to let go a little.  Other times it’s a loft with the perfect amount of sunlight during the day.  Ultimately it’s about finding happiness with what you have and only adding things that enhance that feeling.

If there’s any specific piece of my loft decor you’re loving let me know and I’ll let you where it’s from!

Loft Apartment Decor: Cute Shoe Storage  Cute home decor pillow

Apartment decor idea: hats

Home Office Outfit Idea

Apartment Decor: Ghost Chairs

home decor for loft apartment

cute apartment decorThis post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small monetary incentive that is of no charge to you.

J. Crew Top (Similar Top)|H&M Blazer & Jeans (Similar Blazer & Jeans)

**Photos by Moon Reflections Photography

The Trick for Loft Decor Loft Decor: Shoe Goals







Photos by Jordan Bowens

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  1. Brooke of Passport Couture

    As a sustainable fashion blogger, I admire your words about thinking what we purchase and if we really need something. Being more mindful is very important when we make purchases, I’m glad you’re encouraging readers in that direction. I’m glad I found your blog on Style Swap Tuesdays!

    • Jordan Blackwell

      I’m so glad you found my blog too Brooke! I’ve definitely been an advocate of getting the most mileage out of your clothes and have recently been trying to apply that to the other aspects of my life as well.

    • Jordan Blackwell

      Thank you Elise! I figured it was a good alternative to going out and buying a gallery wall while doubling as a way to store my hats.

    • Jordan Blackwell

      I’m glad you enjoy my space Jennie!


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