Being a Stylish WOC in Corporate America

Imagine you’re talking to someone you just met in line waiting for coffee. Exchanging pleasantries to pass the time until you can place your order.  Inevitably you get asked, “So what do you do for a living?” For most people they reply with their...

What It's Like Being a Stylish Black Female Engineer|Detroit Fashion Blogger - plaid suit for women, chic spring work outfit, plaid blazer, plaid pants, work wear

Date Night

A Casual Chic Valentine's Day Outfit Using Clothes You Already Own.
casual chic date night outfit for young women, Valentine's day outfit, casual chic spring outfit, colorblock outfit

What to Wear on Valentine’s Day

Fun fact, Valentine's day is my absolute favorite holiday!  It isn't just about celebrating your significant other, but all those special someones like friends and family in your life.  To keep you from stressing about what to wear, I rounded up 19 chic...

19 Chic Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas for Young Women in their 20s and 30s on a Budget

Winter Stripes

Winter stripes never felt so right.
How to Style Winter Stripes

Leather Midi Skirt

Leather you think you can or can't, you're right.
Guide on How to Wear a Leather Midi Skirt|Detroit Fashion Blog: chic winter outfit for young women, topshop leather midi skirt for women, winter fashion for women


The secret to taking your culottes from fall to winter without sacrificing warmth!
How to Wear Culottes in Winter | culottes for young women, chic winter outfit for young women, edgy winter outfit for young women

Work Wear

Are you struggling to get back into your normal routine after the holidays? Hitting the snooze button to stay in the warmth of your bed for a few more minutes? Waking up with only minutes to eat, do your make-up and get dressed? Don't worry,...

Chic Winter Work Outfits for Young Women in their 20s and 30s


Affordable Glitz and Glamour to Ring in the New Year
Affordable New Years Eve Outfit Ideas for Young Women | Lil Miss JB Style Detroit Fashion Blogger


Don't be caught dead in red, be seen this holiday season in green!


The quick guide on what to really give someone for the holidays.
Ultimate Guide on How to Figure out the Perfect Holiday Gift | Lil Miss JB Style Detroit Fashion Blogger