Black and Proud

I am black, I am proud, but I am tired. There are so many words I can say but the most important is that I need your help. Not just my community, but all of humanity needs your help. I need everyone, including you, to not only be speaking out against the injustices...

White Button Up

Nothing says summer quite like a white button up. It's one of those pieces that works with pretty much everything. Paired with jeans and sneakers for a quick coffee run, tied into a crop top over a swim suit after soaking in the sun, or even just to wear around the...

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Shacket: Shirt, Jacket or Both?

Something that's really been inspiring me lately is looking at street style photos of people all dressed up with their face masks on even though they're just running to the grocery store. While I've not gotten to the point of dressing to slay when I leave the house...

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On My Reading List

With all that's being going on I've found one way to distract myself and help pass the time is by reading.  With so many ways to enjoy books these days, Audible currently has a free trial month which means you can listen to tons of books for free, it's the perfect...

How to Stay Fit

Don't let quarantine keep you from staying fit

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1 Leather Jacket 5 Ways

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