Who doesn’t love an outfit you can put together in under 1 minute?  While dresses are okay, jumpsuits are quickly becoming my one piece of choice.  And if you’re reading this then they have probably become yours too. There’s no denying that jumpsuits are a versatile and stylish update to any wardrobe. Which makes them a serious competitor for those who love the easy breezy simplicity of a dress.  But let’s face it finding the right jumpsuit is no easy feat.  I mean part of the process is basically the same struggle you have when shopping for pants.  Don’t worry though, not all hope is lost for those of us whose bodies are not the cookie cutter molds used by many stores.  I’m going to share with you my secrets on always choosing a jumpsuit that works perfectly for you!


Hands down the most important thing when buying any new piece is fit.  If something doesn’t fit you properly you wont wear it.  And if you’re too lazy busy to take it back it means you’ll have wasted your hard earned money.  The other reason fit is major key is because the wrong fit won’t flatter your body, period.  Trust me on this! 

Now I don’t know about yout but it’s my experience that very few articles of clothing will fit perfectly off the rack.  Jumpsuits are no exception.  In fact depending on your body shape it could be worse than trying to find jeans.  Which holds very true for me.  So my biggest secret for choosing a jumpsuit is to buy with the intent of altering it to fit my body. Here is how you can tell if a jumpsuit will fit you properly:

  • It feels comfortable. If there is any part of the jumpsuit that feels uncomfortable you either have the wrong size or cut. It shouldn’t be squeezing your curves, making your body look shapeless or have to be tugged at as the day goes on.
  • You can move in it. You should be able to do a complete squat, although you don’t need perfect form, bend over, and perform all your routine tasks with comfort and without mishaps while wearing the jumpsuit.
  • The waistline hits your natural waist. Unless you are trying to make your torso appear shorter or longer, the waist of the jumpsuit should sit comfortable at the smallest part of your waist.

The goal when buying a one piece garment like this is to be sure that it fits the widest part of your body comfortably, in my case my hips/thighs, and get it taken in everywhere else as needed.

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Now that you’re armed with my secrets for finding a well fitting jumpsuit it’s time to decide if it’s worth it.  That’s right, the age old debate of splurge or save.  Is a the jumpsuit you just found really going to give you the most bang for your buck. 

Unfortunately the only way to answer that questions is with another question.  Well actually 4 other questions to be exact.  If you’re wondering whether to splurge or save on a jumpsuit then you have to really be honest about your style, life and a few other things.  So before you add to cart and check out ask yourself these questions to see if your jumpsuit is worth the splurge:

  1. Do I see myself wearing this in a few years? Classic cuts, like tuxedo wrap or cowl neck, and colors are usually worth splurging on as they can more easily be worked into your attire like a LBD than jumpsuits in bold colors and patterns.
  2. What do I have to wear with it? You should be able to think of 3-5 outfits for your jumpsuit using clothes you already own. If you have to buy more pieces to go with it, it’s not worth spending a lot of money on.
  3. Why do I want a jumpsuit? A lot of people are not methodical when it comes to wardrobe additions. Many people just go with the flow of the trends and never truly decipher why they want an item or if it will hold a significant place in their wardrobe. If you’re going with the flow then save your money.
  4. Is it within my budget? Don’t forget to consider how much you have available to spend. If you found a jumpsuit you like but it’s out of your price range, shop around for a more budget friendly option or wait until it goes on sale.

Comment below and tell me: What’s your biggest struggle when it comes to jumpsuits?  Be Sure to Check Out My YouTube Video Sharing Ways to Style Your Jumpsuit!




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