Hi I’m JB, you’re not so average engineer.  While Lil Miss JB Style started in 2015 as an outlet from my career in the automotive industry, it’s grown to be a beacon of empowerment.  A place for women who are tired of being asked, “Really, YOU’RE an engineer?”.  Or whatever impressive career choice that you worked your ass off to earn.  A place for those of us who don’t want to be confined in a world that wants us to choose between beauty, brains and brawns.  Or between retro, minimal, or bold style because news flash, we can be all that and more!  With this space I want encourage other multi-faceted women from all over the world to embrace themselves, find ways to improve their day to day routines, and build their empires all while looking, and feeling, damn good doing it.

You can expect just about anything here on Lil Miss JB Style.  I love to experiment and try new things, and I’m referring to more than just my clothes.  Mostly I share posts that are dedicated to helping you curate an unapologetic wardrobe that fits your lifestyle.  But you’ll also find diaries from my travels, insights from my journey as a fit foodie, life lessons and the occasional struggles of being a black female engineer in today’s world. My goal is that you continue to come to Lil Miss JB Style for inspiration to live, and dress for, your best life!