Turning Trendy Pieces into Classics Chic Casual Spring Outfit

I’m going to let you in on a little secret, trendy pieces don’t really exist.  That’s right, they’re fake.  We all know that fashion is cyclical. And if you didn’t know, news flash fashion trends pretend go “out of style” but they always come back a few seasons later. And with it comes all those pieces that were considered trendy at the time.  Even though majority of us are aware that this is how the fashion industry works, many still fall victim to this ploy.

Over 40 years ago most stores only recognized 4 seasons.  That means they only had new arrivals 4 times a year! Today we have expect them every week, and from some companies daily.  So now marketing companies and even bloggers try to convince you that somehow in the last 24 hours your current wardrobe has miraculously become obsolete.  Even if you just bought that “on trend” skirt 3 days ago.  It’s even more baffling when we all recognize that fashion works this way, yet still believe that there are such things as “trends”.

If you think about it there really is no difference between a trendy piece and a classic piece, beyond fashion gurus deciding it isn’t in at this moment.  This is one of the other sides of building a mindful wardrobe that no one talks about.  I mean look at some of the most iconic street style stars.  Odds are they’re wearing clothes they’ve had for YEARS.  Like the striped wide leg pants that I’m wearing which were trendy circa 2015.  They took the time to keep them in good condition knowing that they’d be “back in” but also because those pieces reflected their style regardless of what fashion said.

But the fashion industry doesn’t want you to realize that.  They work hard to convince you the only way to have an ethical wardrobe is to buy from ethically responsible stores and spend hundreds of dollars.  They want you to get rid of your trendy pieces, only to replace them with an almost exact replica some years later for twice as much to con you out of your hard earned money.  They lead you to believe what you’re wearing is out when really it’s going to make a “major comeback” in the next few years.  But honestly just as equally important as buying ethically, is really getting the most out of your pieces so they don’t need to be replaced every season.

So how do you turn a “trendy” piece into a classic?  First you buy with intention.  Instead of grabbing something because everyone else has it, you reach for it because it speaks to you.  You wash it and care for it according to the instructions. You continue to wear it well beyond when it is no longer deemed in by the fashion gods.  And you rock it with confidence because it reflects you as a person, not some mindless purchase for the sake of fitting in.  This is how personal style is created, listening to your style preferences over what the fashion industry is peddling you.  Which also happens to be how you build a mindful wardrobe.

Casual Spring Outfit, Turning Trendy Pieces into Classics

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Turning Trendy Pieces into Classics