Over the weekend I got to meet up with some of my beautiful Sorors, Z-Phi to all my Zetas, in Ann Arbor a  to appreciate the finer things in life, like wine slushies at the annual Ann Arbor art festival.  I  hadn’t been to an art fair since I lived in Wisconsin so i was excited to be in the ambiance of artistic minds and or course their art.  When I know I’m going to be walking around for an undetermined period of time I like to pick not only comfortable shoes but an outfit to match.  The weather was too muggy for a skirt, I mean who likes the feeling of their sweaty thighs rubbing together, but too hot for jeans, queue the jumpsuit.

At first I was skeptical of jumpsuits since they reminded me heavily of the 70’s but I decided to give them a try.  To keep from looking like one groovy lady I picked one with a wrap front and that hit my ankle for a more modern fit.  Now I swear by jumpsuits, they are the tomboy’s holy grail alternative to dresses because:

  1. You can throw them on and go, just like a dress!
  2. They’re comfortable and have pant legs.
  3. They work for a majority of occasions from work to a night out.
  4. You can accessorize them as you see fit, also like a dress.
  5. They’re flattering on majority of body types, you just have to be patient enough to find the right fit.

  I mean really, what is not to love? As always make sure you choose one that works not only for your body but your lifestyle as well.  Also don’t forget once you do find the perfect onsie to give it some personality  like I did with my leopard accessories, body chain and denim jacket for that “off-duty” vibe.  See how else I styled this jumpsuit for fall.

Comment below and tell me: How would you accessorize a plain old onsie?



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